Kaylee Contemporary

Howard Lyon
4 ratings

1000+ high-resolution images ready for you to use. 2.5 GB

In this reference set, you get over 1000+ images of Kaylee. I've created a lot of sets that have a classical or fantasy theme to them, so I was excited to do a more contemporary visual theme. I had the chance to work with an amazing model who brought in some fantastic outfits. Kaylee is beautiful and very funny and you'll see a great range of expressions throughout the set. I also don't think I have ever seen anyone's face light up as much as hers when I handed her a sword to pose with! :) Thank you, Kaylee!

* The images come without copyright restriction when re-interpreted into your own work, but the photos themselves may not be republished, sold, or distributed.

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ZIP file containing 1000+ images

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