Chelsea Classical

Howard Lyon
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700 + photos I'm excited to release this set with a new model I am working with. Chelsea brings some unique and new poses to my reference packs. She is very strong and flexible from her yoga experience and you'll see that in the poses. I was directing her in more traditional poses but she kept pushing them further and projecting limbs and joints further, creating some really cool and new gestures. I can't wait to work from them!

* The images come without copyright restriction when re-interpreted into your own work, but the photos themselves may not be republished, sold, or distributed.

** If you would like to, please tag me on social media @howardlyonart when you use the reference images. I will be happy to retweet, like, and comment on your posts, but more than that it lets me share your art with the model!


I want this!

ZIP file with 700+ hi-res files


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